User Manual

Setting up the speaker

UML ATOM is a simple plug and play system:

  1. Plug-in the  power plug to the nearest power point and switch it on.
  2. Use the switch at the back of the speaker to turn it on. 
  3. LED Display will light up 

Setting up the modes

Press the “mode” button to select your preferred mode:

  1. Bluetooth: Pair the device using your Bluetooth Enable Smart phone/ Computer / Smart TV.
  2. FM: tune in to your favorite FM Radio station by pressing next/Prev buttons
  3. USB: this mode enables music playback through Pen-Drives 
  4. AUX-IN: Use the cable Included with the device to plugin any Music/CD/DVD/Television device.  

Controlling the Volume/Bass/Treble

Above the woofer (as shown in the picture) you will find three Knobs:

  • Volume Knob: Control the volume.
  • Bass Knob: Control the Bass.
  • Treble Knob: Control The treble.