Project U

About the project

The project strives at selecting 10 very talents artists/groups from the industry and build their portfolio via various Promotional activities and different tie-ups.

“U” is all about grooming Artists and enabling Monetization. The Project “U” will consist of different EP launches, Shows, Creative Marketing and tie-ups with different media publishing companies as well as with different Small & corporate event companies.

“The Project is all about developing the overall personality and outlook of the artist at the same time”

What is covered in the PROJECt


  • A total of 4 networking and genre specific shows will be organized for 2 months from the day of start.

  • The major aim of these events will be recognizing potential artists.

  • Creating the initial core team for further Execution

  • Apart from music, We will try to engage with Media Startups and do tie-ups with them

  • The media start-ups will help us with further strategy and monetization.


  • The Theme: the base of identity, the cause, the topic which is relatable by the common public.

  • Grooming: the style statement, the attitude, the way one interacts with listener, the way one walks and talks.

  • Social Media Presence: the biggest platform which can create or destroy someone, each post by the artists to be posted while keeping in mind different scenario, no random posts. >> Important <<

  • PR Management: this pointer is something to be worked on, it’s all about developing and maintaining Personal Relationship with people, Media houses and different Entities.

  • Track Releases: when the “theme” will be decided, artists will research and on that topic and will come with titles related to that topic.


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