These Songs Need The Fame They Deserve

Here we list our favourite tracks that you may not have heard so much, but these songs are absolute gems.

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  1. TRAP - Coldplay Meets Bollywood

    This is from a Kolkata based band which is doing pretty well in the Kolkata music scene. They have great Bollywood covers, as well as mashups. 

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  2. LiFe - Des Mera

    This is a Mumbai based band that combines elements from different genres of music. This was also a pretty successful band until they went on hiatus (read disbanded)  :3

    This is a number about India, and is a lyrical one with energetic tunes.

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  3. Swarathma - Aasman ki Dukaan

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  4. The Dewarists - Changing world

    This is a breakbeat pop coupled with Rajasthani folk music.

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  5. Mone Porlei - Prithwi Raj

    The music world was shocked to hear of his demise, but he lives on, not just in Bangladesh but in all our hearts across the world.  This song is the cover of an Arijit Singh number.

    Isn't unity through good music something we want, even if we don't understand the lyrics always?

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