Ritviz – Raahi|India's very own pride anthem

June was officially celebrated as Pride Month, where we celebrated the triumph of love irrespective of gender and sexual orientation. 

India has recently legalized same sex relationships and while we are moving forwards, there is no denying that homosexuality is still the subject of inappropriate and insensitive jokes. Most people will still think of humanity as a fitting together of Yin and Yang – black and white, no greys. Truth is, there are greys. While most people would not be able to accept that their son is attracted to boys, and not girls – or even neither of them, (the other way round for girls) there is a silent revolution that is urging people to come out of the closet. If you see the world in black and white, you might never be able to see the rainbow. 

There is also a weird custom here. When someone expresses support towards anything other than cisgender relationships, they are often taunted to be part of the other community. Yes, it is true. I have faced it myself. Anyway, that just strengthened my resolve to raise my voice for the ones not part of the cisgender community. I hope we all will do the same, and would try to stop someone who shows this sort of toxic behavior. 

India’s pride anthem is a voice for all of those who are supporting the cause, and for those who believe that love is love, no matter the gender.

We cannot change beliefs overnight but we can definitely bring more awareness. Let’s try to normalize all relationships irrespective of gender. Love is love.


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