Husna – A song from Coke Studio that made me think.

Coke Studio tracks have the unique ability to make you think about the world in a different light. 

This song was written by Piyush Mishra about 15 years before he actually performed it on Coke Studio. The song somewhere hit me hard, urging me to think about the tension between India and Pakistan. 

Yes, we know about the shady business and the terrorism, we know about the ceasefires and the shooting and the deaths, but for a few minutes, let’s pretend to be a lover with your beloved being in Pakistan. Just because the heads of two countries decided to separate out. Then cultures changed, as changed behaviours and outlooks. 

It’s easy to say this from behind a screen. It’s not that easy to accept that your lover will be moving away because of it. Maybe that’s why, in the letter that the song is, there are pleas, unanswered questions. 

Aur rota hai raaton mein Pakistan kya waise jaise Hindustan o Husna?”

Maybe the lovers still cry to be reunited. Maybe they still wait to run into each other’s arms.

Okay, that’s all I would say for today, enjoy the song.


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