By the time I’m writing this, Yalgaar has reached the trending #1 spot. The hype has been huge, the memes have been skyrocketing in number, and while there are people who are hailing this track as nothing less than a revolution, there are people who are sure that Carryminati should have just remained a roaster. Honestly, I think that the track is good, but nothing too fancy. 

(Disclaimer: You do not have to agree.)

The track is a rap, with Carryminati putting the trouble he had run into, with his roast video of YouTube Vs Tiktok to rest. Of course it has to be an aggressive track and that’s what it is. The visuals are pretty trippy and the beat is great. Where it falls short is that it fails to deliver in the quality of music. 

However what we see is that it has managed to deliver to what it was meant to be – an answer. Putting the rest to rest, it is a powerful answer to the hate that he has received, and will surely satiate the fans who have been waiting for his answer to this frenzy.

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