Melody Of India-BebaQ-Bhavesh Kakkar/Ali Maula/Vande Matram /Qua

Has a song ever made your hairs stand up on end, just by listening to strains of music, and a rich vocal tone that belted out sargams of classical music flawlessly, and a rendering of Vande Mataram that is exhilarating?

If not, be prepared for this adventure.

What I liked the most about the song is undoubtedly the classical music portions. But this piece, caters to music lovers of all genres alike (do not skip this song because you read the word ‘classical’. I repeat, do not). 

The beautiful video is a montage of clippings from travels in the Upper Himalayas. I will never be able to forget the scene where the young monks run to the horizon with melodious music playing in the background. Absolute serenity and beauty there. 

Do listen to the song and tell us what you feel in the comment box. Consider upvoting and sharing this post among your friends, and maybe listen to it in the morning for a shot of motivation. 

And as always, stay tuned to UML for updates to the freshest of music! Cheers!

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