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It is titled Songs To Save Your Life because these songs really did save my life. Life wasn't always beautiful and people who were supposed to be there all the time were not, but my music was and it was something I could always turn to. Playlists are quite personal but the songs helped through the bad times, hence the reason for sharing. 🙂  As of now it has 75 songs.

Are you more of lyrics person or just a music person? Do songs lyrics help through the tough times or the fact that you can put out any song and just cancel out all noise? 

If you liked the idea of sharing music, comment the links to your playlists in the comment section, let's make it easier and better for each other in quarantine. 

What do you think?

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Written by Shamaila Khan


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Lana Del Rey – Dark Paradise.

Maula – Anuv Jain