Molly – Boom Shiva Immortals || Project Takeover

Boom Shiva Immortals is a Delhi based hip-hop and rap crew gaining rapid popularity in the Indian Underground Music sphere, owing to their great choice in building up rap, and coupling it with upbeat and aggressive music. 

Molly is the first track from their massive endeavour, Project Takeover, that will have more than 70 tracks from all genres (including commercially successful numbers).

This is a gangsta rap from the hip-hop genre of music. The wait has been huge for this one, and it has in no way disappointed the fans!

"Kale leke aa rey chiz kati dholi
Ho gya tame ghana baat na  kar Auli
Ghane bhai bethey mere gel holi der
Dikha laya k  tanne sahi t ni toli"

The track has been mixed and mastered by DG, composed and performed by DG and 

DG - Founder Boom Shiva

VIRTUAL_AF, and produced by Outspoken Beats. 


The dope video has been made by our very own Siddesh Sharma from UML.

Listen to this awesome number and let us know what you think about it!

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