Held in 2018

  1. 1 UML SYNCED:

    what is a successful gig? is it the crowd presence or crowd going crazy with performances, we had an opportunity to have surya! this guys knows how to bang acoustic!  pitch and vocals which blew us away, each and every of the artists present over there were simply out of the world.  kaboom! Together we rise!

  2. 2 UML Synced - Beatboxing

    What a performance, we had to check the systems for playbacks but nah man! they were creating the beats! dope thing. and yeah, about the audio quality, next time come to the gig!!

  3. 3 UML Synced: Animesh

    his guy was just unbelievable, a hidden gem. don't believe us? check out the video! awesome performance.  Note: the audio quality is kept low so some people can come and actually enjoy the gig. don't be lazy people.  AYE! TOGETHER WE RISE!

  4. 4 UML Synced - 6ix Mhz!

    its a long way to the top if you want to rock ~ ACDC one of the best bands we met till date, totally chilled out and a powerhouse of talent! kudos to guys for coming !

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