Warriors Code 2 : Info And Registration

About Warriors Code

Organized back in 2019, Warrior Code is an initiative by UML aka Underground Music League to Promote Rap Battle Scenario through Online. Since, not all Rappers can come to the Venue because of Distance we at UML decided to engage them through online means 

Warriors Code is an Online Rap Battle in which the winner is decided through polling system (yes, Public Opinion Matters)

There are different rounds and the Format is “VS” system. 


Winner :

  1. Bluetooth Boom box
  2. Promotion :
    Social Media
  3. Custom Cover Art for 2 tracks

2nd Runner up :

  1. Cash Prize
  2. Promotion:
    Social Media

3rd Runner up

  • Cash Prize


  1. Pairing will be done. 
  2. Rounds 3 days to prepare the track, 3 days for voting.
  3. Track format: Lyrics + Track with Instrumental (it can be audio or visual)
  4. Submission: Upload the track on your youtube or soundclound and share links via | Website.  

Same format goes for the next round


  1. No copying policy (Lyrics or any famous track instrumental).
  2. No Family cussing or dissing the family members of your rival.
  3. Failure to submitting the track withing the said timeline will result in disqualification 
  4. NOTE: You hereby give UML the right to use your tracks for promotional purpose when you fill the Registration form. 
  5. Minimum Slang usage. 

Not following the rules will result in instant Disqualification.

Registration Form 

What do you think?

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