Upcoming EP : In Pieces

Dildeep Singh aka Deep Harks is steadily on his way to becoming an internet sensation. He's an absolute dashing heart-throb who belts out fiery stellar tracks. His upcoming EP, In Pieces is all scheduled to release soon. 

We recently reached out to him, and here he talks about his music, his aspirations, and his EP.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Dildeep singh aka Deep Harks. I'm a Delhi based rapper and RnB singer.

When and how did you start with music?

I have been into music since 2013. I was only into hip hop when I started but then in 2015 I decided to switch my genre. I just wanted to experiment if I can make good songs in other genres like RnB… and I made some really good music and still in making. I have worked with many well-known artists like Uday Bakshi, Prolific, Laxsh etc.

That's great! What do you want to convey through your music?

I just want to express my feelings through my music … About my daily lifestyle and my personal things which I'm going through.

Do you have any inspirations?

Sikander Kahlon and Bohemia are my inspiration.

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming EP?

In Pieces has music by Ink Heart and Rhymster. It is a RnB EP with 4 songs and in every single song you will find different emotions – it's like story telling through songs, hooks and verses are so catchy and soothing you will feel every single song in it if you ever had a heart break.

Where would you want to be as someone in the music world in future?

I really idolise Weeknd. Some day, I want to become like the legend he is.

We at UML wish him all the best for his endeavours.

Follow him on Instagram at Deep Harks.

Listen to his tracks which are pretty dope, on his youtube channel at Deep Harks.

Let us know how you liked his music. And as always, stay logged on to this site for more new artists and awesome music!

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