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Iceboul, from Kalyan, has been making a mark in the sphere of art in music. An art director by profession, he also writes lyrics, and makes tracks that are not just dope, but also contains a cool backstory of graphics to bolster it with. We at UML recently reached out to him and here he speaks about his art and his dreams.

Tell us a little about yourself. What brought you to music?

I am an Art Director – I make videos for a living, I love making songs and videos. I don’t play any instruments so its pretty hard to make instrumentals but I excelled in writing lyrics, I studied syllable placements to punchlines and more, and for my art, I love VFX and Animation. I loved music from a long time but what really pushed me was Papercut from Linkin Park the combination of video rap and rock just made me think – are there more areas we haven’t explored yet? so I started writing my own songs; that was 20 years ago.

What are your favourite pieces of work? What sort of music do you usually like to listen to?

my fav pieces of work would be Aesop rocks ‘racing stripes’, Chamillionare Thinkin’ Thoed. I listen to Rap music and French and Spanish songs I dont even understand but I try to learn new rhymes and link words.

These are his favourite tracks!

What are your interests apart from music?

I love mountain biking, inventing stuff to compromise my inability to buy expensive gear for recording, so I basically make my own gear with whatever I can get my hands on. I like recording and editing videos.

Where do you eventually see yourself in the world of music?

I see myself like that person who makes music even if i don’t get that kind of light. I deserve that ’cause i don’t see the game as a competition. I keep running a race where no one is behind me cause that’s all I think. I am crazy enough to take the sketchy road.

Which are your favourite pieces of your own work?

I am putting up a new song soon, that I personally consider to be my best work as yet.

This is his latest track, which we must say is pretty cool. Check this out, and also, check this channel for more videos from Iceboul. We wish him all the best.

And as always, head down to the comment section, groove to the music, and let us know what you think!

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