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Abhishek Ranjan – AR_Project

"Every song ends, is that any reason to not enjoy the music?" – One Tree Hill

The beginning of every musician almost always starts when they start singing and enumerating their own favourite songs. Abhishek Ranjan's renditions of classic bollywood songs alongwith his band AR_Project are a delight to a listener's ear. 

Listen to all of his covers of a variety of songs here

His original song, "Dil Raazi Nahi" is basically every traveller's dream song. It brings out the wanderlust trait that is hidden in people all around the world. 

"Dil Raazi Nahi" literally translates to "The heart isn't ready", in this song, the heart is not ready to leave the beautiful Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh in India. Shot in a beautiful documentary manner topped with the voice of solace, Abhishek Ranjan. This song deserves to be heard with the video on. It will take you to a different place, it certainly did for me. 

Inn vaadiyon se mohabbat si hogyi hai…

Listen to this intricate symphony here, 

His another original song, "Duniya me ek hi hindustan" is a patriotic song signifying every Indian's love for the The Golden Bird- India. The lyrics written by Ranjan himself are thrilling. It is a must for every national holiday. The songs increases a person's sense of pride for our beloved nation. 

Hear the song below, 

Checkout his youtube channel with over 1.81K subscribers and 79,311 views by clicking on his picture.

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Written by Shamaila Khan


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