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Project U : Artist/Music Promotion.

We have been working on different plans to promote Talented and Dedicated Musician. the market today is really competetive thanks to the rise of Social media which in a way is good. 

Lots of Musicians invest heavily on the recording of their tracks and in the end have little or zero budget left for marketing & Promotions and same goes with new music lables.

There are lot of companies offering Music promotion and stuff, relying heavily on Artist/Music Label Budget and sometimes provide fake Views in cheap price.

Now, at UML we are all about buidling up community and looking forward to Sign-up and Promote really amazing artists. the promotions will be done at our end and after selection, The artist/label has just to give us non-exclusive rights to distribute and promote the track, which includes:

  1. the selected tracks will be promoted through our channel (Non-Exclusive)
  2. the selected tracks will be used in creation of various Artist oriented promotion videos 
  3. Project U is not a common label, the selected artist are free to participate or engage with other companies, but need to present when the need arises.
  • Post your track below in the list using "Embed/URL" (Youtube links) along with your email only.
  • The tracks will be reviewd by our team 
  • once the tracks are selected, the artists will be contact via Email,
  • An E-agreement will be sent. 
  • after the signing the work will be started. 

For more info or any query: call at 9811103574 


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